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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Enter the Street Food Dough Ball Challenge at Hotelympia 2018

September 2017

Dough ballsPan’Artisan is the proud sponsor of the ‘Street Food Dough Ball Challenge’ taking place at Hotelympia’s International Salon Culinaire on Tuesday 6th March 2018 at 13.05pm.

Competitors will be required to create two portions of an innovative street food dish using Pan’Artisan’s award-winning Pizza and Sourdough Dough Balls. The dish needs to be served up as if being delivered from a street food van or take away shop and possibly be inspired by global cuisines.

Challenging the best in the industry, the 45 minute competition will focus on creative use of the product and ease of service to a transient market.

Chefs from all industry sectors will be showcasing their skills and creativity in front of a live audience, whilst competing for a highly coveted Salon Culinaire medal and winners’ trophy. The ‘Street Food Dough Ball Challenge’ is designed to highlight the versatility and ease of use of Pan’Artisan’s Pizza and Sourdough Dough Balls.

The competition will be held at Hotelympia 2018, at ExCel London, the closing date for entries is Friday 24th November 2017, to enter visit then select LT8 Pan Artisan Street Food Dough Ball Challenge.

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It is clear to see that Pan’Artisan puts a lot of hard work into creating these fantastic but simple products (dough balls) while abiding by today’s strict regulations. With suitable training and minimal time it would be possible to enable anyone with any level of skill to produce homemade, dough based products efficiently and to the quality desired. It is fantastic to see a company designing a high quality product that enables users the freedom and imagination to see the product to its final stage.

Luke Stevens, The Bull, Great Totham