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FAQ Frequently Asked Qustions

Q: What size dough ball do I use to make a 12” pizza base?

A: It depends. If you want to make a deep pan pizza, we suggest using a 453g dough ball but if it’s a thin crust you want, try a 210g dough ball for an authentic, traditional pizza, made the Italian way.

Q: Do you deliver to my area?

A: If you go to our “find a supplier page” you can select the region you are in and it will show you all of our distributors in that area. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call directly.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: We are happy to deliver directly if your order is a full pallet. However, if you require a smaller quantity, please go to our “find a supplier” page to find a distributor that will be able to accommodate your request. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call directly.

Q: Do you supply any Organic products?

A: At the moment we don’t have any Organic products in our portfolio but we don’t use anything artificial in the production of our range, only sourcing the finest, high quality ingredients.

Q: Do you operate a nut free environment?

A: We are a nut free site so do not use any nuts in the production of any our products.

Q: Can you supply any gluten free products?

A: We do have a few delicious gluten free pizza bases in our range at the moment. Go to “our products” page to find all the information on the range and a few hints and tips on handling too.

Q: Do you use Italian flour?

A: All of the flour that we use is sourced from the UK and Europe but if you require a bespoke recipe using Italian flour, of course we will source this specifically for you.

Q: Can I use your dough ball in a conventional oven?

A: Yes you can but the Pizza should be cooked at a higher than normal temperature, ideally above 250°C. It should be baked on a metal tray so that it cooks from the base, until the cheese has melted to a golden brown.

Q: Where are your products made?

A: All of our products are made by hand in our production facility in West Sussex, apart from our Italian Wood Fired Pizza Base, which is made in Northern Italy, and our Gluten Free pizza bases, which are made in a dedicated, gluten free facility.

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We have been buying products from Pan’Artisan’s range for the last 8 years and currently list Brown Pizza Bases, Panizza and Tasca. In fact we were involved with the original development of the ‘especially for schools’ range and have collaborated on projects such as the reduction of salt and inclusion of Omega 3 for children. We have an excellent working relationship and, more importantly, the children love their products.

Angela Kearns, Principal Buyer Food, Hampshire County Supplies