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Pan’Artisan launches two new on trend dough balls

May 2018

rollsPan’Artisan’s innovative dough ball collection has two new additions, extending the range to a total of seven different varieties.

The new 100% Spelt Dough Ball, made using flour derived from ancient whole grain spelt, addresses a consumer demand for a more wholesome, cleaner and healthier way of eating, which is resurrecting grains from the past; there was a 269% increase in global food and drink launches describing their products as “ancient” between September 2010 to August 2011 and September 2015 to August 2016 periods, according to Mintel.

Traditional baking methods and grains have gained in popularity, lauded for their nutritional properties and enhanced flavour. Pan’Artisan’s 100% Spelt Dough Ball produces a light-textured dough that has a wholesome and characteristic, nutty taste that is perfect for breads, pizza and whole range of dough-based products, bringing a further flavour dimension to the existing dough ball collection.

The second new introduction is the ‘Power Sour 2+2’ Dough ball, which will deliver a stronger, more intense flavour kick to your dough-based recipe creations. The combination of two types of sour – 2% sourced from rye flour and 2% from fermented wheat flour – blends to provide a punchier, stronger flavour. As the pizza market continues to demonstrate a high demand for sour dough bases, the new ‘Power Sour 2+2’ Dough Ball will offer the perfect base to compliment a wide range of trending toppings.

Stuart Jackson, Director of Sales, Pan’Artisan Ltd;

“Such is the popularity of our dough ball range we decided to extend the selection to introduce two new varieties to meet what consumers crave and what our customers need to meet that demand. The new ‘100% Spelt Dough Ball’ and ‘Power Sour 2+2 Dough Ball’ offer operators two distinctive flavours in products which are truly multipurpose and which reflect current trends.”

Pan’Artisan’s dough balls have attained several awards and much praise by chefs and operators; they are celebrated for their superior quality, convenience, versatility and ease of use. Some of the alternative uses for Pan’Artisan’s dough ball range include dinner rolls, sandwich carriers, bread loaves or flatbreads – the possibilities are endless.

The premium quality dough ball range is supplied frozen, available in a wide variety of sizes and manufactured using only the finest ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, flavours or GM products.

Editor Notes:
• The new 100% Spelt Dough Ball is available in cases of 60 x 180g
• The new Power Sour 2+2 Dough Ball is available in cases of 80 x 210g

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Pan’Artisan are making top quality products using the highest quality ingredients. I can sense their passion for their products. Every meal I have served using them has been very well received.

Andrew Page, Great Ormond Street Hospital