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Pan’Artisan Wins Another Caterer Product Excellence Award

December 2016

The Caterer Product AwardPan’Artisan wins another Caterer Product Excellence Award with its Focaccia Romana!

The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards are designed to seek out excellence and innovation across the food, drink and equipment sectors within the hospitality industry. It is with great pride and delight that we can announce our Focaccia Romana as winner of the Bakery Category.

At an Awards ceremony held at Westminster Kingsway College, judges deemed the Focaccia Romana to have “a superb flavour, a nice crunch and texture that’s light and fluffy. Cooked it has an excellent colour and it is perfect for the tear and share trend.”

romana breadOur highly praised Focaccia Romana is an authentic, Italian, artisanal bread. During its production it undergoes many stages of hand-crafting as the dough is too difficult to be handled by machine, before it is rested and proved. The resulting product creates a versatile speciality bread with a delicate, crisp outer and a deliciously light interior, perfect for creating a wide variety of open or filled, hot, cold or toasted, sandwiches with a continental twist, or filled and lightly toasted, topped and baked in the oven or even simply eaten plain as an accompaniment to cold meats, cheeses, soups, salads and a host of other dishes.

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Excellent sour dough, the flavour was very good and well received compared to our other pizza bases. The brioche dough balls made excellent burger buns. These dough balls (sourdough and brioche) are far better than any other product used.

Fergus Martin, Darwin College, Cambridge University