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Pan’Artisan Presents Cheque to Local Scout

June 2018

ScoutOn the 1st June 2018, Pan’Artisan presented William West of the 1st Easebourne Scouts, Cerberus Explorers Group with a cheque to help towards his fundraising for the 24th World Scout Jamboree. William must raise £4,000 to attend the Jamboree, the money raised will also go towards a ticket for another scout in the developing nations.

William is one of 6 scouts in the Petworth and Pullbrough district to be chosen to attend the Jamboree in North America 2019, alongside 45,000 other scouts from 120 counties. To be chosen for the Jamboree all scouts had to pass a selection camp and interview.

William will spend 3 weeks in North America making friends and working alongside scouts from all over the world, building bridges and getting to know each other’s culture.

We wish William good luck and hope he has an amazing time in America.

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