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Artisan Speciality Breads

The Artisan Speciality Bread range is available in the following pack sizes:

Green Olives, Black Olives with Pepper, Multi Cereal, Fresh Onion - 54 x 110g, Rustic Bread with Bell Peppers - 48 x 125g, Mini Raisin Bread - 105 x 75g

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Lactose Intolerant:
Multi Grain - YES
Mini Raisin Bread - YES
Rustic Bread with Bell Peppers - NO
Fresh Onion Bread Stick - NO
Green Olive Breadstick - NO
Black Olives with Pepper Breadstick - YES

All products should be stored in a freezer at -18°c until required.

Allow products to fully defrost at room temperature for up to 1 hour.

If cooking from frozen - all products from the Artisan Speciality Breads range should be cooked at a temperature of 220°c for approximately 8-10 minutes until the product is golden and fully cooked.

If cooking from defrosted - all products from the Artisan Speciality Breads range should be cooked at a temperature of 220°c for approximately 6-8 minutes until the product is golden and fully cooked.

The Artisan Speciality Breads range requires no preparation, products to be placed directly on oven shelf.

A versatile selection of gourmet bread sticks which are made from premium quality, carefully sourced ingredients.


Ideally sized as a portable on-the-go snack solution or dinner accompaniment, our bread stick selection caters to many styles of service and offers an adaptable and easy to use product.

An extremely versatile product; be that a breakfast or teatime treat, authentic deli sandwich carrier, as part of a sharing platter, for dips or as an accompaniment to a main meal.

The Artisan Speciality Bread range offers six delicious varieties:

• Green Olive or Black Olive with Pepper Bread Sticks - incorporating a high percentage of premium quality Spanish olives (80kg of olives to 100kg of flour), encased in a light, crispy rustic
bread. Ideal for sandwiches, dipping or as a pre-dinner bread.

• Fresh Onion Bread Sticks - with a light texture and fragrant onion taste, ideal for an aromatic, tasty sandwich carrier or simply warmed as part of a cheese platter or sharing dish.

• Rustic Italian Bread with Bell Peppers - a light artisan bread incorporating fresh baby bell peppers, great as a carrier or with dips.

• Multi Cereal Bread Sticks - containing a mix of grains and cereals, light in texture, rich in flavour and aroma. A perfect breakfast bread or snack; try using lighter fillings for a healthy option.

• Mini Raisin Bread Sticks - providing a naturally sweet and healthier alternative to cakes or patisserie. This bread is slightly smaller in size, so makes a wonderful snack or teatime treat, a great choice for younger consumers.

Testimonial Image 2

It is clear to see that Pan’Artisan puts a lot of hard work into creating these fantastic but simple products (dough balls) while abiding by today’s strict regulations. With suitable training and minimal time it would be possible to enable anyone with any level of skill to produce homemade, dough based products efficiently and to the quality desired. It is fantastic to see a company designing a high quality product that enables users the freedom and imagination to see the product to its final stage.

Luke Stevens, The Bull, Great Totham