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Dough Balls – Naan

Our Naan Bread Dough Balls are available in cases of 70 x 130g

Coeliac - No
Lactose intolerant - No
Vegan - No
Vegetarian - Yes


  • Dough Balls should be stored in a freezer at -18°C, until required


  • For best results place the dough balls in a tray, cover to prevent drying out and place in a refrigerator, (0°-8°C), for at least 12 hours
  • Should the surface become dry, lightly mist with water using a spray gun


  • Remove from the fridge 2 hours before use and bring to room temperature, allowing the Dough Balls to double in size
  • Once this stage has been reached, the Dough Balls can be used straight away, or returned to the fridge to keep stable until required
  • The traditional method of hand stretching produces the best results but a rolling pin can be used until the required size and thickness is achieved
COMING SOON - Naan dough balls - A premium quality solution for tasty naan bread.


Using our expertise in dough, we have developed our Naan Bread Dough Ball to a traditional recipe, containing yoghurt, to give it a distinctive ‘naan bread’ flavour, so you can make your own, personalised version, to suit your operation.

It has been designed so it can be baked on a stone in a very hot oven removing the need for a tandoor and you can add ingredients such as chopped garlic, coriander or nigella seeds and even a Peshwari filling to make a truly authentic naan!

Pan'Artisan - manufacturers and suppliers of frozen naan dough balls to the commercial UK catering and foodservice trade.

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It is clear to see that Pan’Artisan puts a lot of hard work into creating these fantastic but simple products (dough balls) while abiding by today’s strict regulations. With suitable training and minimal time it would be possible to enable anyone with any level of skill to produce homemade, dough based products efficiently and to the quality desired. It is fantastic to see a company designing a high quality product that enables users the freedom and imagination to see the product to its final stage.

Luke Stevens, The Bull, Great Totham