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Focaccia Rosemary

Available in Plain or with Rosemary in cases of 5 x 1kg slabs.

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Coeliac - No
Lactose Intolerant - Yes
Vegan - Yes
Vegetarian - Yes

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  • Focaccia should be stored in a freezer at –18°C, until required


  • For best results remove bread from the outer case, but keep in the food grade liner, and defrost in a refrigerator overnight
  • Alternatively, to defrost for use straight away, remove the bread from the box and allow to defrost at room temperature for 2 hours
  • Take care when separating the paper interleaves
  • Unused breads can be kept in a refrigerator, in the food grade bag, for up to 2 days, do not refreeze


  • As the Focaccia is fully baked, it can be served once thawed
  • It can also be served warm; place on a baking tray and into a pre-heated oven (190°C – 200°C) for approximately 6 minutes. Ensure that the bread is warmed through before serving
Hand Made Focaccia – Authentic bread with traditional origins.


Focaccia is one of the oldest and most popular of the Italian breads and ours is made by hand, using extra fine, ground Durum Semolina wheat, ensuring an open, light structure.

The dough is fermented over 24 hours to allow the flavours to develop, creating a truly Mediterranean feel.  After baking, the product retains its moisture and is ideal as a high quality accompaniment, dipping bread or sandwich carrier.

Pan'Artisan - manufacturers and suppliers of frozen focaccia to the commercial UK catering and foodservice trade.

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Pan’Artisan formerly La Pizza Company, has been a supplier of mine for over twenty years and I am of the opinion that, in the UK, their pizza bases are unsurpassed in terms of quality.

Howard Nairne – Director, Olympia Foods (Southwest) Ltd