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NEW Tear’n’ Share Bread

Our new Tear ‘n’ Share Bread is available in cases of 9

Coeliac - No
Lactose intolerant - No
Vegan - No
Vegetarian - Yes
Infants over 2 years old - Yes
Infants under 2 years old - No
Pregnant Women - Yes
Yeast Intolerant Persons - No

The perfect addition to any sharer or accompaniment dish.


Our new Tear ‘n’ Share Bread is hand made the artisan way and offers the perfect addition to any sharer or accompaniment dish.

Our new Tear ‘n’ share has Italian herbs running throughout the dough giving the consumer a true Italian taste with every bite. The bread is approximately 7” in shape and topped with garlic butter.

The finished product is made up of intricate individual pieces of irregular shaped dough, creating great portion sizes for both children and adults whilst encompassing the well know characteristics of a tear and share garlic bread with a modern twist.

Our Master baker has created this recipe to allow for a delicate light and fluffy dough for both a flavourful and delicious eating experience.

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I have been in the pizza business for 20 years and needed a producer of a bespoke dough ball for a new venture that we were setting up. We met with Richard’s NPD team, worked on the recipe together and developed a superb product that performs exceptionally well; without doubt it has played a part in the successful growth of our business.

Russell Allen, Director, The Wood Fired Pizza Company