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Students tend to use restaurants on campus less fervently than they do on the high street, which may partially reflect availability but is also likely to be reflective of their preoccupation with convenience and lack of engagement in the campus catering offers!

Students are extremely discerning customers, cash rich and time poor, when they are on campus they seek out good quality food that offers great value for money. They also demand homemade products made freshly with natural ingredients. Pizza remains one of the biggest sellers in any University or College, but it is essential to ensure great quality and authenticity.

Pan’Artisan has created a range for those wanting to make from scratch, or buy-in ready topped, so whether you’re selling slices or whole pizzas we have the perfect solution.

Pan’Artisan – Manufacturers of frozen dough products for use in colleges and universities..

Pizza bases

Pizza bases

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Pan’Artisan formerly La Pizza Company, has been a supplier of mine for over twenty years and I am of the opinion that, in the UK, their pizza bases are unsurpassed in terms of quality.

Howard Nairne – Director, Olympia Foods (Southwest) Ltd