Slide All Day Breakfast Pizza Tasty and Sustaining 5 minutes Doughball Slide Apple Crumble Pizza Dessert Tasty dessert 5 minutes Doughball Slide Calzone Savoury Delight 7 minutes Doughball Slide Flammkuche Light & Crispy 5 minutes Doughball Slide Garlic Bread Soft & Fluffy 5 minutes Doughball Slide Pizza Ring Simply Delicious 8 minutes Doughball Slide Dough Ball to Pizza Quick & Easy 5 minutes Doughball Slide Focaccia Romana Pizza & Open Sandwich Hot or Cold
Cooking time 5-10 minutes (pizza)
Slide Bread Plait Attractive and Delicious Cooking time 10-15 minutes Slide Stromboli Truly Scrumptious Cooking time 8-10minutes Slide Cinnamon Swirls Sweet Treats Cooking time 8-10minutes
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At Pan’ Artisan, we know a lot about dough. As a specialist producer of genuinely hand-crafted products, our skilled staff use only the finest, natural ingredients. Our range of artisinal products include authentic doughballs, pucks and bases for pizza as well as speciality breads. We hope you enjoy some of our favourite recipes.

How to use Pan’Artisan dough balls

How to Prepare and Use Frozen Dough Balls – One Stage Process

How to Prepare and Use Frozen Dough Balls – Two Stage Process.

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