Storage & Cooking – Focaccia Romana


Focaccia Romana should be stored in a freezer at –18°C, until required.


For best results remove bread from the outer case, but keep in the food grade liner, and defrost in a refrigerator overnight.

Alternatively, to defrost for use straight away, remove the bread from the box and allow to defrost at room temperature.

Unused breads can be kept in a refrigerator, in the food grade bag, for up to 2 days, do not refreeze.


The Focaccia Romana can be used as a cold, open sandwich, a hot or cold (closed) sandwich carrier, or a pizza base.

If using as a cold open sandwich carrier without a sauce, bake at 280°C for 5 minutes before topping and serving.

If using as a cold or hot sandwich carrier with sauce, spread a sauce over the surface, bake at 280°C for 5 minutes then add various toppings. If serving cold, it’s ready to serve; if serving hot, re-bake at 180°C for 5 a further minutes and serve.

If using as a pizza base, top as desired, bake at 280°C for 7 minutes and serve.

NB All times are approximate, temperatures will vary depending on your oven and type of toppings used.