Storage & Cooking – Pizza Bases

All Pizza Bases should be stored in a freezer at –18°C, until required.


For best results remove pizza bases from the outer case, but keep in the food grade liner, and defrost in a refrigerator overnight.

Alternatively, to defrost for use straight away, remove the pizza bases from the box and allow to defrost at room temperature for between 20-60 minutes, depending on the thickness of base.

Take care when separating the paper interleaves
Unused pizza bases can be kept in a refrigerator, in the food grade bag, for up to 3 days, do not refreeze.


Remove all packaging and place the pizza base on a tray or in a suitable sized pizza pan, which has been lightly brushed with oil.

Spread the pizza base with pizza sauce, to ¼” (6mm) from the edge.

Sprinkle with a little grated cheese, then the topping of your choice (place cooked toppings on first, and any raw toppings on last to ensure they are perfectly cooked). Finally top with more grated cheese.


Cooking times may vary, depending on oven and thickness of pizza base used, but as a general guide, cook until the cheese is golden brown.

For food safety, a core temperature of 75°C or above must be achieved for a minimum of 30 seconds.

NB Whilst we do not recommend storing in ambient conditions, if kept covered, pizza bases can be stored in a cool place and used within 3 days.